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Are you in an addiction treatment? Staying motivated to work on your recovery is not always easy. Many people often start out with a lot of motivation. They are tired of being addicted and ready to do something about it. Later, when the memories fade and recovery becomes a challenge, motivation often wanes. The risk of relapse is always lurking. Good motivation helps to reduce the risk of relapse. These tips will help you stay motivated.

1. Doing rehab in a sober and supportive environment

Having a well-supportive environment and attending meetings motivates you in three ways:

  • You see what the possibilities are if you stay sober
  • It reminds you what happens if you don’t do it
  • You have peer pressure to stay on track

It also means you don’t have to carry the burden alone. When you feel down or overwhelmed, people around you can make a difference by helping you, such as with support and inspiration.

2. Rate your performance

At some point, your recovery can feel like a rut. Actually, that’s a very good thing. After all, you don’t want to go from one emergency to another. But of course, you also don’t want to get bored with yourself. If things have been going well for a while, you’ve probably made progress that you haven’t noticed yet. Take regular time to realize how far you’ve come. What have you done recently that was not possible six months or a year ago? Remember to count each day you are sober as an accomplishment in itself.

3. Good habits and routines

No one is motivated all the time. You don’t want your recovery to be threatened every time your enthusiasm drops. Good habits and routines can help. That means keeping a regular schedule, eating healthy and exercising, and spending time with people who support your recovery.

4. Think it through…

When all else fails, remember why you got sober, why you went to rehab. At the point when things are going well, the good times you experienced during addiction begin to seem better and the bad times don’t seem so bad at all. If you find yourself thinking about the good times of your addiction, play the tape until the end. Vividly experience what will happen tomorrow if you start using again today. Then you’ll see for yourself, that this is not a place in your life you want to be again.

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