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Hacienda Paradiso is an award-winning alcohol treatment facility where the process of treating addiction is grounded in care, compassion and recovery. The process of treating alcohol addiction usually goes through four stages: admission, detox, rehab, and lasting recovery. We adopt an approach that is discreet, non-judgmental and individual. Our priority is to look beyond the symptoms of alcoholism and treat the causes of the condition, delivering successful lasting recovery and remission.

Alcohol addiction is when an individual has formed a dependent relationship with alcohol. Now more commonly recognized as a disease, the addiction is actually formed by changes in the brain’s neural pathways. In an addict the brain becomes habituated to the constant presence of alcohol, meaning that withdrawal can cause significant and unpleasant symptoms. While most addicts are a victim of their addiction, which causes them to seek the addictive substance, the potential severity of withdrawal means that some addicts will actively choose addiction.

Hacienda paradiso eco packages

Bespoke 28-day treatment, including detox + 12 months Paradiso aftercare included.

Single room - €20.000 ex. VAT

Pick one of our four single rooms and enjoy your private apartment. Equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tov and wardrobe.

Double room - €15.000 ex. VAT

Or choose a double apartment. Also our double apartments are equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tov and wardrobe.

Bespoke Family rehab packages


Psychiatrist assessment by arrival

1x (mandatory treatment if needed after assessment not included)


Blood test by arrival



Clean bed linen and towels

7x P/W


Room and bathroom disinfection


Group therapy

7x P/W


Fresh prepared food by our chefs on sight

2x Daily – Breakfast not included


Pick up and drop off service airport


Private or Double Room

Differs per package


Laundry and ironing

7x P/W


Recovery plan




Use of mobile phone

3x P/W 30 mins (Social media not allowed)


Outdoor pool


Library access


Internet area

Social media, not allowed


Outdoor activities

Hiking, bike riding, yoga, fitness



Frequently Asked Questions

Despite being a well-documented disease, alcohol addiction is still not fully understood. The reasons why, despite the ready availability of alcohol in most places, only some people become addicted while others can maintain a healthy relationship remain unclear. However, there is increasing evidence that there may be a physiological link that is related to the brain, and that patterns, such as the increased risk where there is a family history of addiction, may be a result of hereditary rather than, or as well as, environmental factors.

If you are concerned about alcohol addiction or thinking about alcohol addiction treatment, help is available. Hacienda Paradiso is part of the award-winning Villa Paradiso Group; specialists in delivering long lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.

Contact us today for a friendly initial consultation directly with our senior therapists.

What is alcohol use disorder?

Although alcoholism is a commonly used term, even among the medical community, it is not actually a clinical term. In part this is because the general understanding of the term is of addiction. Instead, the clinical term is alcohol use disorder.

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Do I have an alcohol addiction?

The criteria we use to inform a diagnosis are easy to understand, many of them are applicable for any addiction. There are many criteria, and it’s important to have a free professional assessment from Hacienda Paradiso.

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What is alcohol addiction treatment?

Alcohol addiction treatment consists of the following components: increasing your motivation to stop drinking. examining situations in which you drink. preparing yourself for not drinking.

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Our unique approach to alcohol addiction

Treatment at Hacienda Paradiso has three broad stages, although these overlap: detox, rehabilitation, and recovery. How these look will vary enormously, depending on factors like the severity and length of the addiction and physical factors like size and gender.

1. Detox

2. Rehabilitation

3. Recovery

1. Detox @ Purify

The first stage of treatment is detox at our own luxury detox facility, Purify. Detox is the process the body goes through to remove toxins from the body. Alcohol is a poison, but as it is metabolized it can form even more toxins in the system. In addition, because alcohol is a depressant, the brain will attempt to compensate for it when present in the system. During withdrawal this will end, which can have significant effects. For example, dopamine production may stop, causing mental health problems like depression.

In the most severe cases detox can be fatal without the proper clinical help and support. Delirium tremens are comparatively rare, affecting around five per cent of patients. However, without intervention and management it can be fatal, starting suddenly and relatively late in the detox process.

2. Rehabilitation

Following detox, the addict will begin rehabilitation at our main Hacienda Paradiso residence. This stage is perhaps best viewed as a transition to recovery. While it may start in our residential facility this is only the beginning and gradually sees clients feeling confident enough to move back to everyday life.

Therapy is likely to form a key part of rehabilitation, although there are some medications that might also be used to help mitigate cravings, like acamprosate, or to act as a deterrent to alcohol consumption, like disulfiram.

Therapy, however, will help the addict recover on several levels. First, it can help the addict understand the causes behind their addiction, as well as come to terms with the impact it will have had on their, and their loved ones’, lives. Second, it will have a practical application. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is commonly used in addiction treatment, and it helps patients not just understand their feelings, but also how to react to and handle them, identifying how to spot and break those thoughts and emotions that might previously have resulted in drinking, and diverting the chain of actions into something more productive.

3. The relation: Alcohol addiction, therapy and family

Finally, family therapy may also be used. This can be useful in healing damaged relationships and building the support an addict will need. However, it also helps prevent any enabling behaviors that family members might have exhibited, unintentionally or not.

The last stage is recovery. For a former addict this is a life-long process, during which they will be likely to maintain at least some parts of their rehabilitation treatment, such as a twelve-step group. Although relapse is always a risk, especially with an addiction to something easily available like alcohol, thousands of people get, and remain, sober following alcohol treatment every year. After being sober for a year the chance of relapse is just 50%, and this drops to 15% after remaining sober for five years.

Hacienda Paradiso is not just an escape from addiction, we enable a return to a live well lived. The Hacienda is part of the award-winning Villa Paradiso Group, recognized internationally as ‘Best Rehab in Europe’ for their commitment and dedication to achieving long term and lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.

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Hacienda Paradiso, the World’s first Eco Rehab is part of the award-winning international treatment group, Villa Paradiso. The world class medical, clinical and therapeutic teams at Hacienda Paradiso have significant expertise and qualifications in Alcohol Addiction.

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