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Anxiety is an emotion felt by everyone. It is completely normal to feel anxious or to experience anxiety from time to time. Anxiety is a way for your brain to react to stress. The emotion also alerts you of a possible danger. Anxiety can form due to a problem at work or school. You may also suffer from anxiety due to an important date or appointment coming up.

Anxiety is an emotion that is okay to feel. However, anxiety disorders are much different to feeling the occasional bout of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders can be paralyzing to those who experience them. They can leave a person feeling unable to cope with life.

Residential treatment at Hacienda Paradiso Clinic allows you to live, learn, and understand your anxiety disorder. Often clients experience significant and rapid reduction in anxiety and in many cases complete remission from a debilitating condition.

Hacienda paradiso eco packages

Bespoke 28-day treatment to battle anxiety disorders. Including 12 months Paradiso aftercare included.

Single room - €20.000 ex. VAT

Pick one of our four single rooms and enjoy your private apartment. Equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tov and wardrobe.

Double room - €15.000 ex. VAT

Or choose a double apartment. Also our double apartments are equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tov and wardrobe.

Bespoke Family rehab packages


Psychiatrist assessment by arrival

1x (mandatory treatment if needed after assessment not included)


Blood test by arrival



Clean bed linen and towels

7x P/W


Room and bathroom disinfection


Group therapy

7x P/W


Fresh prepared food by our chefs on sight

2x Daily – Breakfast not included


Pick up and drop off service airport


Private or Double Room

Differs per package


Laundry and ironing

7x P/W


Recovery plan




Use of mobile phone

3x P/W 30 mins (Social media not allowed)


Outdoor pool


Library access


Internet area

Social media, not allowed


Outdoor activities

Hiking, bike riding, yoga, fitness



Frequently Asked Questions

Along with identifying an anxiety disorder and getting professional help, there are other ways to avoid panic and worry-filled situations. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to predict what will trigger an anxiety disorder. There are ways to reduce the impact of symptoms.

  • The most important way to reduce the impact of symptoms is to get help as early as possible. If you wait to treat anxiety, it can be harder to get rid of.
  • Be active and participate in activities that you enjoy. These activities will make you feel good about your life and yourself. Participate in social interaction and be around people you enjoy spending time with.
  • Avoid drugs and/or alcohol. Substance use and misuse can make anxiety worse. Quitting drinking or drugs can make dealing with anxiety much easier.

What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are mental illnesses that cause consistent overwhelming anxiety and fear in the sufferer. The excessive anxiety may make a person avoid school, work, family, friends, get-togethers, and other social situations.

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Types of anxiety disorders

There are multiple types of anxiety disorders. Each has its own symptoms and signs. These anxiety disorders we have clearly described in a dedicated article. Please click here below to read the full article. 

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Our unique approach to Anxiety
disorder treatment

There are several treatments for anxiety disorders, but residential treatment at Hacienda Paradiso is ideal for treating the issues. Our private clinic is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Spain and allows you to live, learn, and understand your anxiety disorder.

Residential anxiety treatment at Hacienda Paradiso is uniquely tailored to each individual and their own issues. Treatment may use psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. Psychotherapy is a form of counseling. It allows you to learn how your emotions influence your behavior. Our mental health specialists will listen to you during sessions. They will talk to you about feelings and thoughts. After listening to you, the mental health specialist will suggest ways to manage and understand the anxiety disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a common type of psychotherapy. It teaches clients how to turn negative or panic-creating thoughts into positive thoughts. Clients are taught ways to approach and manage their fear without anxiety. Hacienda Paradiso provides family cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, should these be required on a treatment plan.

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Hacienda Paradiso, the World’s first Eco Rehab is part of the award-winning international treatment group, Villa Paradiso. The world class medical, clinical and therapeutic teams at Hacienda Paradiso have significant expertise and qualifications in Anxiety Disorders.

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