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At Hacienda Paradiso, on top of in-patient treatment for addiction, we also offer Detox or detoxification treatment. It depends on the nature and severity of your addiction whether a Detox treatment is needed. We will discuss this during an intake interview. Are you ready for the next step?

If you have a substance addiction and you have not yet stopped using then you can get guidance. In a detox treatment, the use of addictive substances is reduced under (medical) supervision. After that, the addiction treatment will take place. Later in this article, we explain the difference between detox centers and rehab centers.

What is detox?

The physical withdrawal from addiction is called detoxification. When you stop using a drug, alcohol and/or medication, your body reacts to it with so-called “withdrawal symptoms”. You might start to sweat, shake, get a headache, sleep badly, be gloomy, tired or feel tense, stressed and irritated. This depends on your physical condition, the drug and how long and intensively you have been using it.

There are two ways to wean yourself off the drug:

  • You slowly phase out the drug.
  • You stop taking the drug completely and you receive medication. These medicines are then slowly phased out.
  • Physical withdrawal usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

A Detox Treatment: How it works.

When you are addicted, your body has become dependent on the drug/drugs or alcohol you are using. Those toxins need to leave your body to break the dependency. This is called detoxification or withdrawal from an addiction. With a Detox treatment, we detoxify your body.

In a detox or detoxification treatment, your use of addictive substances is phased out or stopped immediately under medical supervision. The most common Detox treatments are treatments for addiction to alcohol, drugs and medications.

During the intake, we look at what suits you best.

Learn more about Alcohol Detox

Withdrawal symptoms and stopping using

Before we start treatment, we always begin with an intake interview. During this intake, you will talk to an experienced and specialized treatment specialist about your addiction. We will look at your specific situation. This way we can always provide customized addiction treatment.

For a Detox treatment, we look at whether you have already stopped using the addictive substances. We look at whether you experience withdrawal symptoms and whether you can use extra guidance in stopping. In this way we can, tailored to your situation, extend the treatment with an in-patient treatment programme, tailored to your personal needs too.

I want to detox. And now?

From the addiction specialist, you will receive a detox program that suits you and your addiction. As opposed to stopping suddenly and resolutely (cold-turkey), detoxification at Hacienda Paradiso Rehab is done in a controlled way and under medical supervision. This makes it less demanding and more sustainable.

dexofication centre and approach medical

This does not mean that you will not experience withdrawal symptoms during detox treatment. However, we can ensure that these are less severe. Our medical specialists will help you through the period of withdrawal.

After the detox treatment: start treating your addiction

After the detox treatment, the treatment of your addiction continues. Now that the toxins have left your body, it is important to also be able to endure the daily setbacks or triggers. This is how you prevent a relapse. At our luxury rehab in Málaga, we guide you with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

This care can be offered in the form of in-patient treatment or private recovery treatment. the last option is our bespoke private rehab & detox in our private luxury villa.

Want to know more about our detox treatment?

You can contact our addiction professionals with all your questions about detox treatment or your addiction. You can contact us at +34 647 968 967.

You will then immediately get a professional on the line who will help you further. You can also ask your question via this website.

What’s The Difference Between a Detox Center and Residential Rehabs?

Outpatient detox

In outpatient detox, detoxification does not take place in an addiction clinic and you can continue to live at home. The focus is on keeping going and preventing relapse. If necessary, you will be prescribed medication to support detoxification. .

Clinical detox

A detox admission is a planned admission. You will usually be notified by telephone followed by a written invitation. During the detox admission, you go through a program that focuses on support, guidance and medical care for physical detoxification (also called “detoxification”). On average you will stay at the clinic for 3 to 21 days – depending on the drug – for detox treatment. Hacienda Paradiso offers a special detoxification centre dedicated to detox.

What is an addiction clinic?

An addiction clinic is a specially set up space to provide alcohol addiction treatment for alcoholics. The primary focus is on and assistance with detoxification, or alcohol detox. This is because the alcohol detox can have severe mental and physical consequences. Therefore, the alcohol detox is often done in one of the rehab clinics, after which one looks further. Opting for alcohol addiction treatment is a big step towards a clean life!

After the alcohol detox at one of the rehab clinics, one starts to work with the counsellors at the addiction clinic to create a step-by-step plan for complete alcohol withdrawal. After all, one must not only temporarily withdraw from alcohol, but stay clean. There are several addiction clinics that can help.

Alcohol addiction treatment: outpatient or inpatient?

There are roughly two types of drug rehabilitation centres: outpatient and inpatient. The difference between inpatient and outpatient is that with the first type of treatment, you stay internally at the clinic and therefore eat, sleep and actually live there. With outpatient treatment, you come to the drug rehab clinic on your own for treatment and after treatment, you go back to your own home. Which form of treatment is most suitable for you depends mainly on the severity of your symptoms and your motivation.

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