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By going to a drug detox center abroad, you escape completely from daily reality and find peace, cleanliness and regularity. You get a better view of how things are going and you are released from the vicious circle. Not surprisingly, therefore, more and more people are opting for treatment in a rehab clinic abroad.

Why drugs detox center in Spain?

Rehab is tough. A pleasant environment can ease the pain that arises. Your environment plays an important role during the process. If you feel comfortable you will have a better chance of success. A drug detox center in Spain are often located in beautiful places so peace and privacy are guaranteed.

In addition, there are not really rehab clinics in Spain that focus purely on Spanish people. More common are drug detox centerswhere people from all over the world are treated. Because of the international character, English is the official language.

What can I expect from rehab in Spain?

The big advantage is the completely new environment you are in. This gives you a kick and helps you look at your own situation in the Netherlands with fresh eyes.

Peace and regularity

Your stay in a rehab clinic should not be seen as punishment. You will be well taken care of and your living environment will be comfortable. In general you eat in groups and the food is of good quality. Regularity is considered important and you follow a reasonably tight schedule that includes space for free time.

Your sleeping quarters and other facilities

This varies per treatment. There are private clinics in Spain where you stay in a 5* hotel, with all the luxury that implies. You can use all hotel facilities, such as the swimming pool. You sleep in your own hotel room.

In other Spanish clinics it is not a matter of course that you get your own room. You may share a room with someone else, sometimes even several people.

What are the benefits of drug rehab abroad?

Mental distance

Sometimes it is important for the client and his or her recovery to (temporarily) move completely out of their own environment. The journey to the new destination and the physical distance will also create a mental distance.

Recovery actually begins during the journey to the rehab abroad. You literally take distance from your problems, the negative influence of your old environment, but of course also temporarily from your loved ones.

Better climate and nature

The climate in Spain is a lot more pleasant than in most other countries. Therefore, during recovery you can participate in outdoor activities, but also do sports in the open air and take trips to beautiful places. In addition, you can get closer to nature and enjoy panoramic views.


During the recording it will not always be easy to work on your behavior and deal with certain emotions. It can be confronting and frightening. That is why it is important to be able to spend some time in silence.

New influences

It helps to breathe in new smells, taste new flavors and perceive new colors. By gaining new experiences, you will learn to appreciate yourself and nature again.

Your self-confidence will get a boost. You will learn to stop depending on substances such as alcohol and drugs, or harmful activities such as excessive gambling.

No waiting list

An additional advantage of going to a drug detox center abroad is the shorter or even non-existent waiting lists. So you can get to treatment in no time. Before you know it, you’re in warm Spain.

Drug detox treatments at Hacienda Paradiso

Hacienda Paradiso is the world’s very first eco-rehab. Situated in Malaga, Spain, Hacienda Paradiso works with clients to end the cycle of addiction and behavioural problems in a completely eco-friendly atmosphere.

In contrast to the trend toward urbanisation and consumerism, many people are seeking an opportunity to get closer to nature, and Hacienda Paradiso is part of this movement. A stay at Hacienda Paradiso Luxury Rehab addresses all the benefits; physical, mental, and spiritual, that the environment can offer to those that develop a deep integral connection with nature.

Worlds Best Rehab awarded Hacienda Paradiso Most Affordable Luxury Rehab in Europe 2022 during this year’s European Rehab Treatment Awards. The award ceremony is held annually in Switzerland and recognises excellence in addiction treatment across Europe. Now in its ninth year, the European Rehab awards highlight the Best of the Best in European addiction treatment.

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