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Recognising drug addiction is not always easy. Not for those around you and not for yourself either. Once recreational use turns into addiction, several of the symptoms below may apply to you

You are not the only one who started using drugs because it makes you feel good or because it makes you forget things. However, too much use of drugs always leads to problems. In addition to difficulties with relationships, work and finances, you often suffer physical or psychological problems and there is a chance that you will develop a drug addiction. Don’t let it get to that point!

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Drug addiction

A drug addiction is a dependency on a drug, in which the user compulsively seeks and takes the drug in question. Although the term is most often used to refer to addictions to substances that are criminalized in many jurisdictions, drug addictions can be formed with many drugs that are legally available.

The traditional model of addiction was that a drug user would initially use a drug for the benefits they derived, whether this was a high, pain relief or anything else. However, over time they would develop a tolerance, requiring higher and higher doses for the same effect, and eventually, a dependence leading to addiction.

More current thinking suggests that the addiction is actually the result of the brain responding to the stimulus by rewiring its reward pathways. The addiction, in effect, is to the brain’s own reward system, the drug’s role is to fire that reward pathway.

What are the most common drug addictions?

  • Hash and weed
  • XTC
  • Speed
  • Cocaine
  • Ketamine
  • GHB
  • LSD
  • Heroin
  • Opiods

Do you have a problem with a drug addiction?

Addiction disorders are clinically diagnosed, so our professionals at Hacienda Paradiso can tell if someone has an addiction. One problem is that many addicts do not realize they have an addiction, believing they are in control and take drugs because they want to, rather than because they have a compulsion.

However, many of the signs are easy to spot. By considering the behaviors of a suspected addict around drugs, they or a loved one will have a good idea if they have an addiction. 

Our addiction treatments

Detox @ Purify™
Detox, the first stage of becoming free from drug and alcohol dependency, is both physically and psychologically uncomfortable. Purify™ by Hacienda Paradiso was created to ease this discomfort. Restoring the body and mind in safe and comfortable surroundings, under medical supervision. The detox process will be complete within seven to ten days, with many clients beginning a successful programme of recovery after the detox process is complete.
Alcohol Addiction
Hacienda Paradiso is an award-winning alcohol treatment facility where the process of treating addiction is grounded in care, compassion and recovery. The process of treating alcohol addiction usually goes through four stages: admission, detox, rehab, and lasting recovery. We adopt an approach that is discreet, non-judgmental and individual. Our priority is to look beyond the symptoms of alcoholism and treat the causes of the condition, delivering successful lasting recovery and remission.
Bipolar Disorders & Depression

Childhood trauma, stress, grief, structural brain changes, hormonal imbalances and other neurological indicators have a proven link to Bipolar Disorder & Depression. Treatment at Hacienda Paradiso is highly effective and helps sufferers gain valuable insight and increased control over mood swings and other symptoms. It is essential to seek treatment as early as possible.

At Hacienda Paradiso, you will meet our Consultant Psychiatrist on admission. They will help you describe the symptoms you have experienced, and together with the exceptional therapeutic team, will create a treatment plan with you. If you have been using alcohol or substances, we will help you to safely detox in comfort, while we assess your care plan and recovery.

Our addiction treatments

Detox @ Purify™

Detox, the first stage of becoming free from drug and alcohol dependency, is both physically and psychologically uncomfortable. Purify™ by Hacienda Paradiso was created to ease this discomfort. Restoring the body and mind in safe and comfortable surroundings, under medical supervision. The detox process will be complete within seven to ten days, with many clients beginning a successful programme of recovery after the detox process is complete.

Hacienda Paradiso luxury residential depression clinic takes an individualized deep dive with clients on a therapeutic led journey of recovery. The World Class treatment teams deliver long term remission from all forms of depression, depressive episodes and previously treatment resistant cases of major depressive disorder. Award-winning therapists and psychiatrists at the Hacienda work with clients to identify and treat and heal underlying problems. If the causes of depression are not identified, treated and healed, sufferers of can continue to experience symptoms throughout their lives.
Drug addiction

Drug addiction is a very complex, multi-faceted disorder. Major indications of drug addiction include cravings, withdrawal and unsuccessful previous attempts to stop or reduce use. The drug addiction experts at Hacienda Paradiso treat all forms of addiction including cocaine, cannabis and prescription medication. Hacienda Paradiso takes a pragmatic and highly individualized approach to drug addiction by treating the underlying factors and any co-existing mental health issues. The team at Hacienda Paradiso has been recognized internationally for their success and dedication to long term successful recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Dual diagnosis is a term when a mental illness and substance misuse disorder coexist simultaneously. Often depression and anxiety may lead to alcohol and drug addiction and vice versa. The complexities of Dual Diagnosis is to establish the specific order of coexisting conditions to effectively treat the underlying causes to create successful, lasting and long term recovery from addiction and remission from coexisting mental health conditions.
Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is an emotion that is okay to feel. Experiencing it occasionally is common and normal. However, anxiety disorders are much different to feeling the occasional bout of anxiety. Anxiety disorders can be paralyzing to those who experience them. They can leave a person feeling unable to cope with life.

Residential treatment at Hacienda Paradiso Clinic allows you to live, learn, and understand your anxiety disorder. Often clients experience significant and rapid reduction in anxiety and in many cases complete remission from a debilitating condition.

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Gambling Addiction
The World Class team at Hacienda Paradiso are experts at treating pathological gambling addiction. Our unique and highly individualized programme of recovery equips you with the tools to break the cycle of addiction. We will create a unique treatment plan to heal the symptoms and address your own specific root-causes. Gambling addiction often coexists with other addictions or mental health issues so it’s imperative to assess any dual diagnosis concerns that may have previously been undiagnosed.
Gaming Addiction
Video game addiction is a very real mental health condition impacting many millions of people around the world, across all ages. The most addicting games include Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, Minecraft and other household names. This is because video games are designed to be addictive. Gaming addicts may experience significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. Gaming disorder is a process addiction and help is available from the team at Hacienda Paradiso. The friendly, non-judgmental therapeutic help develop a healthy relationship with technology and devise ways to ensure long term recovery and remission from video game addiction.
Sex Addiction
Dr Ruth Arenas leads our award-winning residential sex and love addiction clinic. Hacienda Paradiso is the only treatment center in Europe to separate love and sex addiction. While we recognize the similarities, we identify and treat each as standalone unique issues that may be triggering compounded emotional distress. Dr Ruth is one of the Worlds foremost authorities in compulsive sexual disorder and hypersexuality. Residential treatment at Hacienda Paradiso boosts self-esteem and rebuilds mechanisms to increase resilience. Our World Class professionals help clients achieve freedom from destructive, compulsive and obsessive behaviors.
Prescription Medication Addiction
If you or a loved one has developed a prescription drug addiction, help is available. At Hacienda Paradiso our prescription drug addiction treatment is focused on complete and lasting long-term recovery. Our approach is non-judgmental and highly therapeutic. Our medical experts and clinicians will design a treatment plan specific for your situation, and the nature of your prescription drug addiction. The exact treatment depends on the specific prescription medications, while at same time identifying and addressing the issues and reasons underlying the addiction.
DNA Testing for Addiction
The clinical team at Hacienda Paradiso are able to use cutting edge DNA testing to identify which drugs would be safer and more effective for use in a client’s recovery. As one of the only treatment clinics in Europe to offer DNA testing the team are able to quickly find which medically assisted treatment works best in each unique and individual case. This groundbreaking approach reduces the potential for uncomfortable side effects and greatly speeds a client’s recovery.
Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS)
Transcranial direct current stimulation is a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. TDCS is successfully used in the treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety and other persistent psychological issues. Transcranial direct current stimulation at Hacienda Paradiso is particularly successful when a client presents with treatment resistant depression.

Addicts would not be unable to control their drug-taking behavior. They might feel the compulsion to take drugs irresistible. If they are unable to take drugs, they might find their behavior or mood changes, becoming more irritable or suffering from depression or anxiety.

An addict will often take to lying about their addiction, either to hide it from others or to create opportunities for drug taking. And many drug takers will see adverse effects to other parts of their lives, seeing work, education, and relationships suffer either because of the effects of the drugs, or because they are prioritizing their drug taking.

Exhibiting these behaviors, or having any concern, would indicate a proper medical assessment is necessary to ensure the right help and treatment is offered.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one reach out to our friendly, approachable team at Hacienda Paradiso and speak with one of or actual therapists about a free consultation.

Drug addiction symptoms include:

  • Compulsion to use the drug regularly 
  • Intense craving or urges for the drug 
  • Requiring more of the drug to get the same hit
  • Consuming larger amounts over a longer timeframe
  • Ensuring a supply of the drug
  • Increased spending on the drug, to the detriment of other things
  • Not meeting work or social obligations
  • Isolating from friends and family 
  • Continuing to use the drug, even though it’s causing problems 
  • Increased risk-taking behavior
  • Unsuccessfully attempting to stop using 
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you stop using

Why use rehab for drug addiction?

Put simply, due to our exceptional success rates, attending Hacienda Paradiso for drug addiction exponentially increases the chances of a successful recovery, in which the patient gets clean and stays clean for the rest of their life.

Hacienda Paradiso is part of the award-winning Villa Paradiso Group, receiving international recognition for our expertise, client focus, and our success in delivering long term recovery from addiction.

Hacienda Paradiso, Affordable Drug Rehab in Spain

Hacienda Paradiso is committed to affordable care and our month-long drug rehab packages start at just €10,000 per month for award-winning care.

Our affordable recovery packages include:

  • Psychiatrist assessment on arrival
  • Blood test on arrival
  • Fresh clean bed linen and towels
  • Room and bathroom disinfection
  • Group therapy
  • Delicious fresh prepared food by our chefs on site
  • Pick up and drop off service airport
  • Private or Double Room
  • Laundry and ironing

Hacienda paradiso eco package

Bespoke 28-day treatment, including detox + 12 months Paradiso aftercare included.

Single room – €12.500 ex VAT

Pick one of our four single rooms and enjoy your private apartment. Equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tov and wardrobe.

Double room – €10.000 ex VAT

Or choose a double apartment. Also our double apartments are equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tov and wardrobe.


Psychiatrist assessment by arrival

1x (mandatory treatment if needed after assessment not included)


Blood test by arrival



Clean bed linen and towels

7x P/W


Room and bathroom disinfection


Group therapy

7x P/W


Fresh prepared food by our chefs on sight

2x Daily – Breakfast not included


Pick up and drop off service airport


Private or Double Room

Differs per package


Laundry and ironing

7x P/W


Recovery plan




Use of mobile phone

3x P/W 30 mins (Social media not allowed)


Outdoor pool


Library access


Internet area

Social media, not allowed


Outdoor activities

Hiking, bike riding, yoga, fitness



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