Rehab can be done in many ways. You can do rehab at home, at a clinic in your own country or abroad. Taking a distance from your home situation and working temporarily on your recovery outside your country has certain advantages. You temporarily leave your private problems behind and certain temptations are completely eliminated.

Once you have made the decision to recover abroad, a rehab clinic or treatment in Spain can be a good option due to the favourable climate and pleasant environment.

If you want to go to Spain for rehab, you will generally have to pay for it yourself. There are small-scale clinics in other countries that may be covered by insurance, such as addiction clinics in South Africa.

Why go to rehab in Spain?

  1. Beautiful surroundings. Rehab is tough. A pleasant environment can ease the pain that arises. Your surroundings play an important role during the process. If you feel comfortable then you have a better chance of succeeding. Rehab clinics in Spain are often located in beautiful places so that peace and privacy are guaranteed.
  2. No procrastination, but working straight to recovery. General, you will go to a private clinic that is not covered by insurance. On the other hand, you can often get there quickly.
  3. One-on-one or group treatment. Each addiction treatment centre has its own philosophy about recovering from addiction, but there is generally a lot of time set aside for discussion. Some clinics have daily group sessions where you can talk about your addiction with your peers. Many recovering addicts find the company of fellow sufferers valuable.

Not everyone is keen on such group sessions and on temporarily living with others. There are other options for clients who want more privacy.

No Spanish is required, English is often sufficient

Because of its international character, English is the official language. Such clinics do sometimes employ ex-pat workers, but it is better to assume that you will have to speak English.

Is rehabilitation in Spain something for me?

Who pays for the treatment?

If you finance your own addiction treatment, all options are open to you. If you are dependent on your health insurer, the situation is slightly different.

And the travel costs?

In case of treatment abroad, travel costs are in principle at your own expense, even when your insurance covers the treatment.

What can I expect from rehab in Spain?

The main advantage is the completely new environment you are in. This gives you a kick and helps you look at your own situation in your own country with fresh eyes.

Peace and regularity

You should not see your stay in a detox clinic as a punishment. You are well looked after and your surroundings are comfortable. In general, you eat in groups and the food is of good quality. Regularity is important and you follow a reasonably tight schedule that also allows for free time.

Your sleeping quarters and other facilities

This differs per private clinic. At Hacienda Paradiso you can choose between double rooms and single rooms.

Signing up for an addiction clinic in Spain

Do you want to go to rehab and do you have Spain in mind? Please contact us here.

Awarded “Best Affordable rehab in Europe” by Worlds Best Rehab

Welcome to Hacienda Paradiso

World’s first eco rehab in Málaga, Spain

I’m not broken, but I’m not all together whole either. I’m recovering. Finding the good in the bad. The beautiful in the ugly. And slowly mending my soul back together. 

Hacienda paradiso eco package

Bespoke 28-day treatment (excluding detox) + 12 months Paradiso aftercare included.

Single room €20.000

Pick one of our four single rooms and enjoy your private apartment. Equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tv and wardrobe.

Double room – €15.000

Or choose a double apartment. Also our double apartments are equipped with a kitchen, tea/coffee, shower, tv and wardrobe.


Psychiatrist assessment by arrival

1x (mandatory treatment if needed after assessment not included)


Blood test by arrival


Clean bed linen and towels


Room and bathroom disinfection


Group therapy

7x P/W


Fresh prepared food by our chefs on sight


Pick up and drop off service airport


Private or Shared Room

Differs per package


Laundry and ironing

7x P/W


Recovery plan




Use of mobile phone

3x P/W 30 mins (Social media not allowed)


Outdoor pool


Library access


Free Wifi


Outdoor activities

Hiking, bike riding, yoga, fitness



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