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The Mask of the Egyptian Queen.
Cleopatra was a woman who lived in ancient Rome and who had an enormous influence in different areas of social and political life.
It is said that she had a great power of seduction, as well as a great intelligence in such a way that when she spoke she managed to bewitch the room, who listened to her spellbound.
But in spite of showing herself strong and competitive, under that mask there was also a great emotional suffering, being highly demanding with herself and others.
There is a part of demanding, which is good for us. It helps us to know our limits, improve our skills and get better results.
However, sometimes the way of wanting to be the best version of oneself leads to extreme self-demanding.

We put excessive pressure on ourselves, punish ourselves with words and even get angry with ourselves. And so begins an internal conflict characterized by demotivation, low self-esteem, frustration and a constant state of hypervigilance and stress.

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