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Have you ever wondered how ecology and the environment are related to psychology? Well, there is an area of psychological science that studies the relationship between these elements, this area is called ecopsychology or ecological psychology.

Ecopsychology studies the interdependence of human beings with the environment and nature and the implications this may have on well-being, health and identity.

Surely you have noticed that throughout your life, that during vacations you always seek to be in contact with natural environments, or how being in certain areas of urban areas, generates changes in your moods.

Somehow it is evident the relationship between the environment and human behavior, in a bidirectional way.

Some research topics in ecopsychology include analyzing the emotional response to nature and the environment, perception and cognition about the environment, environmental design and planning, the impact on mental health in situations of natural disasters and climate change, changing attitudes towards the environment, ecotherapy, biophilia, physical and mental benefits of contact with nature, the psychology behind environmental destruction, urban sustainability, human-animal interaction, among others.

Within the practice of ecopsychology there are benefits such as maintaining a better relationship with nature and the environment in personal healing processes.

Being in contact with nature has the effect of experiencing positive emotions in some people, in contrast to feelings of loneliness, sadness and other negative emotions when disconnected from nature.

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