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Edelweiss Flower

Legend has it that one night, a star confessed to the moon that she was envious of everything that lived on Earth and that she wanted to leave the firmament to become a flower. Consequently, the angry moon decided to take revenge by sending her to one of the highest mountains on earth.
There, the lucky star, bathed by the white mantle of snow, was transformed into one of the most beautiful flowers, with petals the color of the moon.
What she didn’t know was that she would eventually be forever alone, almost imperceptible to people, high up in the mountains.
Edelweiss is a spiritual symbol of strength, endurance and love. This alpine flower has been revered for centuries for its unique beauty, and its profound meaning has inspired many throughout history. It represents perseverance through difficult times, loyalty, connection to nature, and togetherness among human beings. This flower is a reminder that despite life’s trials and tribulations, hope and light will always shine.

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