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Julio Cesar

When we get to that river we will cross that bridge.

This phrase from the Emperor Julius Caesar exemplifies in a simple way the need we have to learn to live in the present moment.

How many times, when faced with a conflictive situation, we tend to anticipate events without taking into account that there are other possibilities, and worst of all, is that the story we keep in our heads is with great certainty, the most negative option of all, and we believe it, thus suffering all the emotional burden it entails, even without having occurred in reality.

For all this, it would be advisable that we realize in which moments we are “putting the patch before the pimple comes out” and question ourselves if what we think is really going to happen or if there may be other options. If we do so, we will be able to avoid being paralyzed in a single possibility, generally with very low probabilities of occurring as we think it will.

Moreover, in the face of any event in our life, we are faced with two alternatives, that it develops positively (50%) or that the evolution is negative (50%), so what need do we have to attend with more intensity to the option that does us the most psychological damage?

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