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Art therapy is working on your own health and development by working with colour, shape and image. It is not talking that is the main focus for physical and/or psychological complaints. But visual work – such as painting, drawing or modelling.

What is it?

Art therapy is a non-verbal treatment that uses visual activities such as painting, drawing and modelling.
Not talking, but doing and experiencing are central to this form of therapy. This is based on the premise that artistic elements – such as material, shape, colour or technique – each have a specific effect on the person performing the tasks.

Each artistic activity involves perceiving, feeling and acting. In the interaction, everyday impressions are transformed and integrated. It is not about making a work of art; The artistic activity in itself mobilises the health of the maker and stimulates his or her vitality.

For whom?

Art therapy is suitable for those seeking greater relaxation, balance and confidence or insight into themselves. It is a treatment method for adults and children, with physical and/or psychological complaints and various help questions. You can include:

Adults suffering from:

  • tension, stress, fretting
  • anxiety
  • depression, gloominess
  • fatigue or burn-out complaints
  • difficulty concentrating
  • not feeling like anything and having trouble getting going
  • a negative self-image
  • difficulty expressing or experiencing emotions
  • difficulty staying with themselves
  • simply being ‘not comfortable in their own skin’.

Children/young people (5-18 years), who are not comfortable in their own skin. Among others with:

  • difficulty coping with a loss or divorce
  • fear of failure or negative self-image
  • sadness or anger, gloomy mood
  • difficulty expressing their feelings.

Art therapy for adults

Suddenly, you may experience an imbalance in your physical or psychological balance. You become unbalanced because of, for example, an event in the personal sphere, a complaint that persists longer than expected or an illness that seems irreversible.
An inner movement is required of you that can bring you back in touch with your own strength. Learning to actively use that power is an essential step towards healthy balance.

You may not know where to start or how to proceed….

Art therapy can actively support you in this, guiding you step by step in the process of rediscovering your life flow.
Drawing, painting and modelling are the tools to work with. In addition, conversation is another tool.

Art therapy for children

Through beautiful drawing, painting and modelling exercises, the child’s field of experience is addressed. Problems thus become visible and possible resistances or blockades are overcome.
The therapy helps the child get moving, (re)discover his or her inner strength and cope with the problem or with, for example, feelings of fear, sadness, anger and rage. Through the artistic process, work is done on finding a new balance.

Working intensively with colour and form is at the heart of therapy. It is mainly about tapping into and stimulating the child’s innate creativity. Furthermore, the desired results of the therapy are discussed with the parent(s) in advance.

The child can count on attention, structure and security and working. These are important starting points for achieving the therapeutic goals.

How does art therapy work?

Therapy can be taken either on doctor’s referral or on one’s own initiative. Experience in creative work is not necessary, as it is not about a beautiful painting, but rather the experience of painting itself.

Therapy takes place weekly or fortnightly. The duration of therapy depends on your request and the nature of the problem you or your child presents with. On average, a treatment programme lasts 12 weeks. The programme starts with an intake interview. Subsequently, there will be individual sessions with an evaluation at the end. The individual sessions last one hour.

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