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Spain has several drug rehabilitation centres. Especially the southern part of Spain is an excellent place to undergo a treatment programme. You realise a period in which you focus all your attention on recovery. After this period, you will have a completely new and fresh start. By being in a new environment, you ensure that any patterns are let go of more easily. The article below tells you more about the advantages of rehab in beautiful Southern Spain and the costs of treatment.

Addiction treatments in Southern Spain: Get away from it all

Spain has a lively and dynamic culture. It is a sun-drenched country with a wonderfully warm climate. Especially in the southern part, Andalucia. Also the largest part of Spain.

Grey, cold and cloudy weather can determine your mood. The sun on your skin creates a feeling of mental and physical happiness. It also creates an optimistic mood with many health benefits. Being outside a lot and breathing in the fresh air also promotes wellbeing.

At that moment, you are far away from all your worries and daily concerns. Spain also has a rich history and culture, which often have a great effect on people. Suffering from an addiction is not an easy situation and breaking this vicious circle is a good step forward. Conflicts with family or friends, financial worries and possible temptations are much closer back home. By venturing into completely new territory, you are making a completely new start in your life.

How does kicking the habit abroad work?

After you have sounded the alarm in your place of residence, you will soon be invited for an intake interview. During this interview, they will try to assess your situation and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

If you are interested in a rehabilitation programme in a foreign country, for example in Spain, you should ideally make contact with an institution that actually offers this. This site will help you make your selection.

The journey to a life without addiction

Once you’ve made your decision to go abroad to rehab, you don’t have to worry about the journey. After all, not everyone is an experienced world traveller.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will always be picked up personally and dropped off at the rehabilitation centre. There you will be welcomed by specialised and friendly staff.

Once in the clinic, you will be practically relieved and will have to go along with the daily routine. Most people find this pleasant; for a while, you can let go of everything.

Duration of hospitalisation

The duration of a rehabilitation project is different for everyone and depends on several things, but count on at least 4 weeks for inpatient treatment abroad.

In some foreign clinics, you will be moved to a different accommodation after a while. You will then have more freedom, allowing you to participate in society to a greater or lesser extent with other fellow sufferers.

During an intake interview with the clinic of your choice, you can ask about this and understand what the institution actually offers.

Detox and detoxification

Depending on your addiction, the first step is often the detox; your body must detoxify. This can be accompanied by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. During this period of physical discomfort, you will be monitored by medical staff.

Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and you may need medication. As time passes, you will start to feel better.

Activities and relaxation

Your recovery process can go much better and prosper if you can be busy. Undertaking various activities ensures that you are completely focused on this. You remove yourself, as it were, from your addictions, worries and stress. This benefits the detoxification process. Think of various activities such as: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, cycling, walking and enjoying the beautiful nature. All these elements are important elements in the treatment programme.

On the road to full recovery

After detoxification, we work on your full recovery. You are now clean and it is important to keep it that way.

Costs of rehab in Costa del Sol, Spain

In most cases, health insurance companies will not reimburse you for the costs of rehab in Spain. The average costs of in-patient treatment programmes in Spain are roughly between €15.000 and €25.000.

The advantages of a rehab clinic in another country

A big advantage of detoxing in a clinic abroad is that there are no distractions. At home, you have plenty of distractions and you can relapse. Smells, flavours and things can be triggers to fall back into old habits. It is therefore better not to be at home when you want to kick the habit or in your familiar surroundings.

What if you come home?

The aim of rehab is to make you so strong that you no longer give in to your addiction. It is important to be strong. This is easier abroad than in your own environment. Here, after all, the triggers come up again. It is important to prepare the patient well for this. Choose an aftercare programme.

At Hacienda Paradiso, we offer an extensive and all-inclusive 12-month aftercare programme for our clients.

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