Hacienda Paradiso was a turning point in my life.

I came to Hacienda Paradiso in the summer of 2022. I was down mentally and physically because of my addiction. For a long time period, I was trying to destroy myself. I didn’t believe in myself and in others. I had a lot of anger and aggression inside me. I didn’t believe that anyone could and wanted to help me – I didn’t believe in a higher power. I had depression.

When I was on a plane on a way to Malaga, I was thinking about how it will be, what people I gonna meet there, what will the staff be like and will I like this place. But from the first moment, I liked this place. I was away from my usual life, away from people I know, away from my addiction triggers.
Everyone from the staff is willing to help addicts – they work there to truly help. The first night at Hacienda Paradiso I wrote down that this gonna be the greatest battle (fighting with my addiction) in my life. But at the very first beginning, I understood that I wouldn’t be alone in this battle – the whole Hacienda Paradiso staff were with me. I just have to let them help me. The staff at Hacienda Paradiso are not magicians, but they are supportive, they understand you, they are knowledgeable, they are loving and they know how you feel as you struggle with your addiction. Day by day I felt much better and after a while, I smiled for real again.

Hacienda Paradiso lead therapist Matthew is with large experience baggage. Conversations with him are inspiring and what he says makes sense. If you want to crawl out of the swamp you are in, Matthew will be there to support you. He was an addict himself so he knows how it is to swim in a sinking boat.
Staying in Hacienda Paradiso was excellent, the food was great – always fresh and very tasty. Other services also were on a high level.

I will always remember my time at Hacienda Paradiso as something wonderful and life-changing. These 28 days weren’t easy, but I went home with a smile on my face, knowing that I can say no to my addiction. Now when I write this testimonial (28.11.2022.),

I’m already 153 days sober, I have no depression, and I see things differently – I’m back on track. This is not an advertisement, but my own experience. If you are struggling with your addiction and there is an opportunity to go to Hacienda Paradiso, take this opportunity without thinking. Just remember that you are not alone and there are people who want and are ready to help you.

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