I have just reached my first full year alcohol-free. After suffering most of my adult life with many mental health issues which in turn led me to live a life as an alcoholic. Having denied this most of the time I finally reached rock bottom and wanted to die. I reached out to Matt and his team at Villa Paradiso in Malaga Spain. I have achieved so much success in my life in terms of business but finally, I was a broken man and reaching out was the most challenging and difficult thing ever.

My recovery during the first few weeks was really painful and I cried almost every day and night but finally, I turned a corner and after completing the full programme I left feeling so much stronger and better prepared for my new life ahead. I can honestly say that the team literally saved my life and I will be eternally grateful. My life looks very different now and I look forward to my years ahead. I take nothing for granted and I know I will have many challenges but I have no doubt I will tackle them with my new zest for life.

I can only offer my heartfelt thanks, respect and appreciation to everyone at Villa Paradiso. Thanks for rebuilding me and helping me be the person who I always knew I was and wanted to be.

Love to you all and have a wonderful Christmas.

Ron in Benidorm

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