Alcohol detox, or detoxification, is a mentally demanding task. Suddenly you have to leave a habit behind you (of many years). That takes a lot of strength and discipline. But also physically an alcohol detox is not easy. When you are addicted to alcohol, your body has become dependent on this substance. When you stop drinking, the substances in your brain that were generated by alcohol (such as dopamine) are suddenly absent.

alcohol detox

Alcohol detox: the symptoms

During alcohol detox, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Therefore never do an alcohol detox alone. At Hacienda Paradiso, we help with addiction and dual diagnosis. We have years of experience with alcohol detox. We offer medical support and professional care to ensure that the detoxification process takes place safely.

Detoxing from alcohol can cause the following symptoms:

  • tremors
  • fever and pain
  • a dry throat
  • excessive sweating
  • insomnia and nightmares
  • higher blood pressure
  • a faster heartbeat
  • nausea

During detoxification from alcohol, you also suffer from a lack of vitamin B1. This leads to fatigue and sometimes even to nerve inflammation or muscle paralysis.

Sometimes there are also insults. These are short moments of loss of consciousness accompanied by cramps. In other cases, delirium may occur, i.e. hallucinations and loss of consciousness. Fortunately, this is rare.

Alcohol detox in Spain

It can be very helpful for an addict to be in a completely different environment during treatment. That is why rehabilitation centres abroad are being chosen more and more often.

When it comes to undergoing alcohol detoxification, it could be very beneficial for a patient to be away from the regular surroundings and routine. This is in order to break the routine and to make sure the patient is focused. A calm, serene and comfortable location in a warmer climate often supports this trajectory.

Alcohol detox protocol

As you have been able to read, stopping drinking acutely causes a shock reaction in your body. Our alcohol detox protocol is to stop drinking completely in one go. This is called abstinence. If you don’t stop completely, it will take you longer to get rid of your addiction. Moreover, you have a higher chance of relapse. Total abstinence also means that the withdrawal symptoms do not last as long as when you continue to drink in moderation. We prove that it works!

There may be medicinal self-help products that can ease the path of alcohol detox. But don’t forget: in the end, the key to stopping drinking alcohol lies with you.

Detox from alcohol at home

Alcohol detox is an intense experience for many people. Although in the long term it will thoroughly improve your life, detox after a heavy addiction is very drastic for your body. For many people, it is even a reason to reach for the bottle again. Most addicts who do an alcohol detox on their own relapse. To stop suddenly with alcohol can even be dangerous. We, therefore, recommend that you never go through an alcohol detox on your own.

What you need during alcohol detox is professional help. Not to mention good aftercare. Not drinking anymore is only the beginning of a long journey towards leaving your addiction behind for good. At Hacienda Paradiso, we help with addiction and dual diagnosis. We have 24/7 on-site expert practitioners ready to help you successfully get rid of your alcohol addiction.

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