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If you’re struggling to stop drinking, consider entering a private alcohol rehab program. This type of rehab is also often referred to as: executive, exclusive, or even celebrity. Unlike publicly funded programs, private rehabilitation allows you to get help in a remote, anonymous setting. Most private rehabs feel more like resorts than traditional rehab centers because they’re set in the middle of nature where most people won’t stumble upon them by accident.

Alcohol addiction

Almost everyone has a drink at some point. After a hard day’s work, or simply when you’re with friends at the pub or at a dinner party. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, until you can no longer do without a drink and it starts to affect your daily life. Addiction to alcohol is unfortunately still common among many people and with all its consequences. Problems at work, in the private sphere and so on. Alcohol addiction is even one of the most common addictions.

There are several criteria that determine whether you are actually addicted to a particular drug. In the case of alcohol use, these include the following:

  • you have a strong desire to drink
  • you use more often and in larger quantities than actually intended
  • despite the problems that come from drinking so much you are unable to stop
  • you continue to drink in spite of the fact that you realise that drinking brings both physical and psychological problems with it

What could you expect from a private alcohol rehab?

Safe environment: private rehab clinics specialise in combining the highest level of treatment for substance and behavioural addictions with facilities normally found in 5-star hotels and resorts. The clinic provides a safe environment where you can be fully focused on your recovery.

Located abroad: Private alcohol rehabs are often located abroad, such as South Africa, Spain and Portugal. You will find facilities such as swimming pools, sports facilities and leisure activities. Healthy and nutritious meals are prepared by professional chefs and you will be provided with a full turn-down and laundry service. Transportation to and from an airport is also arranged.

Multidisciplinary approach: The clinics in this higher segment usually offer a multidisciplinary approach. Addiction experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and holistic and/or systemic therapists form a team that looks at addiction from different angles. Together, an individual treatment and development plan is drawn up, which is precisely tailored to your specific problems. Individual sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist, sport and exercise, lifestyle and career coaching, meditation and mental relaxation form the basis of treatment.

Why choose a private rehab?

One of the biggest advantages of treatment in an alcohol private rehab is that you are physically away from the environment where your triggers are.

Being away from your familiar environment helps you to avoid the risk of an early relapse, so that you only have to step back into your own environment at a time when you are better equipped to deal with temptations and triggers.

There comes a time when, after a stay in rehab, you return home. You return to your familiar surroundings where you will have to keep fighting consciously not to fall back into old, destructive patterns.

The therapists at a drug rehabilitation centre prepare you thoroughly for this. They teach you tools to protect yourself against temptations and triggers. You will also be supported in your further recovery by means of an aftercare programme with ongoing support and therapy.

Award-winning treatments at Hacienda Paradiso, Malaga

Hacienda Paradiso is the world’s very first eco-rehab. Situated in Malaga, Spain, Hacienda Paradiso works with clients to end the cycle of addiction and behavioural problems in a completely eco-friendly atmosphere.

In contrast to the trend toward urbanisation and consumerism, many people are seeking an opportunity to get closer to nature, and Hacienda Paradiso is part of this movement. A stay at Hacienda Paradiso Luxury Rehab addresses all the benefits; physical, mental, and spiritual, that the environment can offer to those that develop a deep integral connection with nature.

Worlds Best Rehab awarded Hacienda Paradiso Most Affordable Luxury Rehab in Europe 2022 during this year’s European Rehab Treatment Awards. The award ceremony is held annually in Switzerland and recognises excellence in addiction treatment across Europe. Now in its ninth year, the European Rehab awards highlight the Best of the Best in European addiction treatment.

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