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What is depression and which factors influence depression? Furthermore, how can residential treatment for depression help? This article will explain those topics.

What is a depression?

Depression is a persistent period of gloomy feelings that are not considered normal for yourself. In addition, it is a condition that affects mood and feelings. If you suffer from it, you can become immersed in gloom. You lose interest in the people and things around you and can no longer really enjoy yourself. If the feelings of gloom last longer than two weeks. Subsequently, it is important to take action in the form of prevention or treatment.

Factors influencing the onset of depression

There are biological-, psychic- and social factors that influence depression:

Biological factors

The biological factor mainly involves heredity. You could check in your own family whether depression or gloomy moods are more common and recognizable.

Our brains contain substances that affect our mood. These are serotonin and norepinephrine. It is known that people who experience depression have a lower concentration of serotonin or norepinephrine than other people. However, it is not known whether this is actually a cause or a consequence of the depressed feelings.

Psychological factors

The personal characteristics or psychological factors also play a role. These personal characteristics are developed during growing up. According to the NedKAD (June 2022), the characteristics that favour the development of depression are: a poor ability to solve problems, a poor ability to cope with sadness and disappointment, difficulty in asking for support, negative thinking, low self-confidence, perfectionism, fear of failure and a strict conscience.

Social factors

Social factors also influence whether or not a person gets depression. In particular, sad or shocking events. The gloomy feelings after losing a loved one, experiencing job loss or being unwanted childless can turn into depression. Also, a bad experience in the past can lead to depression in the present.

Help with depression

If you are wandering through the dark corridors of yourself, my first piece of advice is to not keep doing this alone. Find someone you can talk to about it, who you can share with. Someone who is understanding, empathetic and doesn’t shy away from your words. This can be in your private circle or a therapist. If this doesn’t help, one can consider a residential treatment for depression.

Residential treatment for depression at Hacienda Paradiso

Not all depression rehab centers are the same. Many traditional drug and alcohol ‘rehabs’ offer depression rehab as an afterthought, or a bolt on programme. But, Hacienda Paradiso has dedicated and qualified professionals specializing in depression and dual diagnosis. Moreover, hacienda Paradiso is built to create an atmosphere like you would experience at home. You will find comfortable furnishings, relaxing decor, space to unwind, and bedrooms to escape at the end of the day to rest. In all, inpatient rehab at the Hacienda will provide you with the chance to focus on yourself to get better. You are able to put all of your energy into healing.

We provide customized treatment plans to clients and refrains from a one-size-fits-all approach. Treatment plans may include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and more. You may also experience aftercare planning enabling you to adjust to home once the rehab stay is finished.

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